Knit n' Connect

Discover the power of connection, personal growth, and socialisation through our Knit n’ Connect Workshop with Jo

Experience the synergy of personal growth and social connection through our innovative program, “Knit n’ Connect.” This program beautifully melds the art of knitting with mindfulness, providing a unique platform for self-discovery and community engagement.

By combining the calming rhythm of knitting with mindfulness techniques, participants find themselves immersed in the present moment, fostering self-awareness and emotional balance. “Knit n’ Connect” is an inclusive workshop designed for all individuals who seek skill development, boosted self-confidence, and meaningful social interactions.

As we knit together, we naturally engage in conversation, form connections and build a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging and community strengthens our overall well-being.

We may decide to channel our knitting skills into community projects.  By crafting items for those in need, we build on our sense of connection to the world at large.

“Knit n’ Connect” isn’t just about knitting; it’s a transformative journey of mindfulness, skill-building, and community involvement. Join us in weaving a tapestry of growth and connection that enriches both your life and the world around you.

This program has been developed and run by our counsellor Jo Tan.

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Price: $200.00

Program Details

Start date: Wednesday 4th of October & Saturday 7th of October

Four Weeks:

Sessions: Wednesday Group Saturday Group
1 October 4th October 7th
2 October 11th October 14th
3 October 18th October 21st
4 October 25th October 28th


Ballow Chambers, Suite 6/121 Wickham Terrace, Lower Ground Floor. Spring Hill, 4000.

$200 for all four sessions.

Morning Tea included. Knitting tools and yarn provided.

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